Our main objective is to produce a very expressive wine and grape derived beauty range, persistent to the path of organic, natural elements, enhancing our philosophy of “Nature brings authentic beauty”.

Blue Orchid’s lifestyle products have a wide and delicate concept to improve our everyday quality of life and general well being. Our lifestyle and wine beauty range is currently under testing and will be launched in 2014.

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Organic ‘No Sulphur Added’

Blue Orchid is launching a unique range of Organic and No Sulphur Added wines shortly. This adds to our already diverse range with a delicate view to our highly allergic customers and also to those who greatly value environmental topics of today’s modern life.

Organics No-Sulphur Added (NSA) Range

Sulphur dioxide is one of the oldest known food additives and has been used in wine since ancient times when sulphur was burnt before sealing the wine in the barrels. It also develops naturally in wine as part of the fermentation process. However it is also added as a preservative to prevent oxidation of the wine and at the grape-crushing stage as a cleansing agent to kill unwanted bacteria and wild yeasts. This innovative range of wines produced and bottled without the addition of sulphur dioxide, has been developed as a natural extension of a commitment to organic winemaking.