The Margaret River winery has received acclaim for its architecture winning the commercial category award from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 2000, also judged among Australia’s top 12 buildings, incorporating traditional Feng Shui principles with contemporary Australian design. The design and exact orientation of the winery was fine-tuned by the use of Feng Shui under the direct supervision of Professor Cheng Jian Jun of the Department of Architecture in South China University of Technology, and lecturer at Guangzhou University, China. Professor Cheng is the author of several books, and has designed over 10 traditional Chinese Temples around China. And this attention to detail is seen in their wines. Howard Park – an amazing winery with dragon spirits and feng shui luck. 
Established in 1970, Brokenwood Wines has evolved from a weekend venture for self-professed hobby winemakers into one of Australia’s most reputable wine labels. Brokenwood – An outstanding, deservedly fashionable winery constantly produces wines of exemplary quality and varietal definition. At 40 years old, Brokenwood wines can lay claim to not only an iconic vineyard but to the preservation of a wine fraternity that proudly has as its mission statement, “To make great wine and have fun”. Brokenwood – a five star and the iconic winery from Hunter Valley. 

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