Blue Orchid believes wine has always been a symbol of civilised, courtly life.
Wine reflects the human development in culture, lifestyle and art.

The world of wine is wonderfully diverse. We do not know exactly who first turned fermented grapes into such a pleasurable and important beverage, as its history is ancient, tracing back more than 7000 years. It was the ancient Greeks and Romans who perfected the art of growing vines and wine making, wine culture developed hand in hand with human civilisation. From the earliest vintages made, in what is now the Middle East, the story of wine can be traced alongside the history of almost all the civilised world, western and eastern.

When European emigrants travelled to the New World; naturally they took both vines, and the knowledge of winemaking with them. Wine culture continued to develop under the influence of passionate and creative winemakers in the New World, the result being the vibrantly diverse and vivid world of wine we have today.

Blue Orchid believes wine has always been a symbol of civilised, enlightened life. Wine is not only a product, but reflects a journey of human development, lifestyle and art. To truly understand and appreciate wine means to explore and be part of this cultural development. In human history wine and food are equally intricate. Naturally, an essential element of wine culture is to seek out a perfectly matched meal. With a profound understanding of the importance of wines cultural role, Blue Orchid has developed a comprehensive wine education program to help wine lovers understand and experience the enjoyment of tasting the best wines of Australia and the world.

We have also developed a first-class opportunity for those who want to connect deeply with the most celebrated Australian wines. With our direct access to outstanding wineries across Australia, we invite you to come to Australia and take part in Blue Orchid’s wine education programs and wine cultural tours. Our expert team will deliver the most up-to-date wine knowledge and provide a first-class wine experience, including tasting in famous wineries nationwide and matching the finest wines with the finest foods.

At the same time, Blue Orchid has established a benchmark wine education program for the Chinese market. We are dedicated to promoting the cultural influence of wine and have carefully designed our educational programs by implementing authentic, expert teaching programs with selected world class universities and food institutions.

The first Blue Orchid courses have been established with wine culture learning programs in Hainan University and Shanghai Foreign Studies University in China.

Blue Orchid Education

Level 1

The Level 1 wine course is an entry level course providing a straightforward introduction to wine. It is ideal for boosting the confidence of new or inexperienced front line staff in the hospitality and retail sectors. It is also a great course for those wanting to know about grape varieties and food and wine matching.

Level 2

Whether you are a motivated graduate from Blue Orchid’s Level 1 course, or simply an enthusiastic wine lover who has obtained some intermediate wine knowledge and practical experience on wine appreciation, Blue Orchid’s Wine Level 2 course is perfect to equip you with an in-depth understanding of the World of Wine with a great touch of Australian wine development as a highlight. Our course is dedicatedly designed to cover all essential topics such as characteristics of the principal varieties; Factors that influence the main styles of wine; How wine are judged; Cellaring; wine labels and International Food and Wine Matching etc.

Level 3

Be prepared to head to the path of being a broad wine master when taking Blue Orchid’s master class – Level 3 wine course. With a precise and perceptive view of overall wine development history of the world, Blue Orchid’s senior teaching experts are determined to boost a true wine lover’s heart to a genuine wine specialist. Level 3 course is a senior learning program running primarily in Blue Orchid’s selected Wine education Centres. Designed on an enduring however highly compactable study model, Blue Orchid’s Level 3 achievers are fully entitled to explore any senior career development within the entire wine industry.

To deliver a better wine understanding and enrich a better lifestyle associated to wine and modern life, Blue Orchid is also offering a diverse range of single subject classes for all things wine:
• Major Varietals
• Freestyle Tasting
• Food and Wine

Blue Orchid Wine Tours

Regional tours coordinating Blue Orchid’s selected brands.
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